This is a forum where members can share their buy/sell/trade experiences with the community- and is provided from an excellent idea from Alfy. This will allow members to see how recent transactions have been conducted with other members. PLEASE READ FULL RULES WITHIN THE FORUM.
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Forum rules
Welcome to the MMT feedback forum. Please keep in mind that as a feedback forum, we anticipate there may be POSITIVE, NEUTRAL, and NEGATIVE remarks made based on one members experience with another member. We would only hope that any member of MMT would always conduct themselves professionally when it comes to transactions, there is always a chance that we may get an un-ruly one and it may lead to a bad deal. MMT WILL NOT get involved in any way with any transaction, please see our forum rules for more info on this. If a negative comment is made about someone, it will not be removed unless both parties have agreed that it was placed in error or a bad deal suddenly went good. All other forum rules apply, no cursing or threatening comments or statements are allowed. If a negative post must be made, please respect all members and leave it in a professional manner. Please do not post feedback on transactions from way back- lets start fresh on this. However if you had a transaction a month or so ago, feel free to share it now.
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