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Forum rules
Welcome to the Midwest Model Trucking message board. We want everyone to enjoy the board, and we anticipate we may have young viewers occasionally, so we ask that the board stay friendly for all. No cussing is permitted (by this we don't mean the words hell and damn) and no text slamming of other users of the board. If two or more members are not getting along, you need to take your arguments and move them to email, or phone. ABSOLUTELY no mass selling of parts, supplies or kits will be permitted without FIRST contacting an administrator and getting permission to mass sell. A Buy/Sell/Trade forum is here for members to conduct transactions and post wanted adds, however Midwest Model Trucking is not involved in any way, shape or form in any transaction conducted on this board. We make no claim to warranty, expressed or implied of any item, and we will not be a mediator between buyer and seller- all transactions are solely at the risk of the buyer and seller. If we notice that we are getting repeated complaints from members about false or bogus transactions with one member, we will- at our discression- discipline the member in question. If it becomes a problem time and time again, we will be forced to remove the buy/sell/trade forum from the board, and ban any such activity. SO PLEASE- let us all enjoy the board, conduct business, make friends and have fun. If these rules are violated, we will issue warnings to violating members, and repeated activity will result in suspension and finally termination from the board. All warnings remian on record for 90 days. Please keep in mind- all IP addresses are captured and logged by the board. Moderators are chosen by our group, and they are here to monitor activity on the board. Occasionally the need may arise to add moderators as the board community grows, we will then decide who we will choose to moderate. Please do not email or PM a moderator and ask to be a moderator, it will be done by invitation on an as-needed basis. We currently have 4 moderators, and if they notice a problem on the board, they will fix it. Thanks for joining the Midwest Model Trucking message board, we hope you enjoy each visit!!

The Midwest Model Trucking Team

Posting photos on the board is easy. You must be using a 3rd party site to host your photos, such as photobucket. When your in message posting mode you simply cut and paste the code from your photo (usually below or to the side of the photo when viewed at your photo hosting site) it must be the [img] code and all photos MUST be message board size. 640X480 maximum, so please adjust your photo sizes before you post them, doing so after posting will break the link and the image will not appear in your message. We reserve the right to remove any photos that are larger than message board size.

Each month we will be running a vote for BUILD OF THE MONTH, and this months winner will have their photo posted the entire next month on the board header. Rules for the contest are as follows:
1. Only the first TEN submissions will be accepted each month
2. All submissions will be voted in a POLL by all who wish to vote
3. Voting will run for the entire month
4. Winning photo will be displayed the entire month following the voting
5. All submissions MUST be model trucking related
6. We reserve the right to crop photos for size
7. ONLY photos of builds from our members will be accepted
8. Only ONE submission per member, per month please
9. Submissions may be of your own work, or another member
10. If less than 10 photos are submitted, voting will commence as planned
11. No photos accepted for next vote until we launch the months voting
12. Submission must be message board size photos
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